Know More About Kratom Plants

kratom plant

If you are looking forward to planting your Kratom plant or are Kratomystic, then you are in the right place. Here you will get to know more about how to plant your Kratom and also give it the adequate protection to make it a strong and healthy plant. Having looked into, we got the idea of how to do the right things to grow a Kratom plant that too successfully.

• When you decide to plant a Kratom plant, the first thing that you need is seeds or saplings of the plant to start the process. There are plenty of online stores that sell Kratom seeds, don’t get appalled by them. The seeds have a very poor success rate and hence do not go for it. Buy a plant sapling that is available in online stores; this is the right thing to do if you want to be successful.

• Kratom roots grow quickly, just like most of the other trees, they grow deep. The plant will have big roots, and hence you need to choose the right kind of pots for it. If not, you would be spending a lot of time in repotting, and this may have to be done quite frequently as well, maybe as early as a few weeks’ time. While potting your new sapling or when repotting, make sure that there is enough space in the pot for the roots to grow. In addition to the roots, you will also be adding soil and water; the pot needs to be big enough for this.

• Sometimes the leaves on the Kratom plant can develop some red and brown spots. Do not worry; this is just a signal to you that the plant is being exposed to too much of direct sunlight, much more than what they need. You just have to move your pot to another place in the home where filtered or partial light falls on it. Once the correct amount of sunlight is present on the plant, these colored spots will disappear with time.

• The bug problem is seen in all plants and Kratom is no exception to it. If you see some parts of your Kratom leaves being eaten, it is most probably a caterpillar. Once you identify the problem, you need to find the solution. Get an insect or caterpillar repellant that is used for tomato plants. This can be utilized on your Kratom plant to get rid of bug issues.

• Misting is something that is common in the Kratom plant. The plant will have few water droplets on the leaves, and there is nothing to worry about until and unless misting happens when there is direct sunlight on the plant. The small droplets may act as a magnifying glass to the sun’s rays and burn the leaves.

It is ideal to mimic the natural climatic conditions of the Kratom plant to make sure that they grow into healthy and strong units. They should have sunlight, wind, moisture and a highly fertile soil with adequate amounts of water.